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This Year, More

In the South we don’t often get a blanket of white covering our world on New Year’s day, making everything look new and glittery, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about the year ahead (and the possibility of a good snow day or two). In years past, I’ve made resolutions, set goals, made bucket… Continue reading This Year, More

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You Can Ask My Mother — How the light at the end of the day

You can ask my mother- I’ve always had issues with authority when the authority is unworthy I knew how to stay out of trouble but I promise you that was self-preservation I read once that problems with authority can be a trait of giftedness giftedness isn’t what you think it is when you’re […] via You… Continue reading You Can Ask My Mother — How the light at the end of the day

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Release from Resistance

The strands of what has unraveled still twist around, waiting to be woven back in. Let’s pick them up again. This is where I am and then – the resistance. The resistance swells within me before I even get started. Everything seems too hard, too much, too boring, too overdone, too simple, too complicated. I… Continue reading Release from Resistance