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The Only Way Anything Will Change

For the past three months, the news of death and illness has hung it’s weight across my heart. Those that have passed on include one of my husband’s oldest friends, one of my dad’s friends, my friend’s baby, several people I once went to church with, a youth leader I knew and cherished. My dad’s… Continue reading The Only Way Anything Will Change

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Try Holding On

I used to love the way I could be connected to the people in my life in the virtual realm. Now where once I was overjoyed to see the faces and stories of people, I feel a sinking sense of dread. Everyone seems to have been turned into a caricature of the real person they… Continue reading Try Holding On

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When Election Fatigue = Church Fatigue

This election season has reminded me of why I keep hesitating regarding getting involved in local church again. It’s been hard to watch unfold on a national level, but it’s been closer to deeply disturbing and heartbreaking to me on a personal, local level. I struggle to relate to the Christians in my life who… Continue reading When Election Fatigue = Church Fatigue

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On Violence, Motivation, and Personal Responsibility When The World Seems To Be Burning Down Before Us

I’m the kind of person who always wants to know why. Why do people do the things they do, say the things they say, make the choices they make? Why do some things work and some things fail? I like to know the why because I think the best way to make meaningful, lasting changes… Continue reading On Violence, Motivation, and Personal Responsibility When The World Seems To Be Burning Down Before Us

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There Is Work To Do (and an apology)

It’s the work that changed me. That’s what I want to say when someone wonders how I came to a different social, political, or religious stance than what is expected of me from those who have known me for more than 10 years or from people who perhaps make assumptions about what they expect me… Continue reading There Is Work To Do (and an apology)