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The Only Way Anything Will Change

For the past three months, the news of death and illness has hung it’s weight across my heart. Those that have passed on include one of my husband’s oldest friends, one of my dad’s friends, my friend’s baby, several people I once went to church with, a youth leader I knew and cherished. My dad’s… Continue reading The Only Way Anything Will Change

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Graduations, Grief, and Gratefulness

Alex had his preschool graduation today. I swear, Natalie just had hers but in reality that was 6 years ago. Some of those years since her preschool graduation were really hard years financially and that kind of made everything else feel hard sometimes, but now, it all just seems like a blur. When did all… Continue reading Graduations, Grief, and Gratefulness

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Celebrating the Wins

The past few days have felt like marathons. Lately, I’ve felt like a need a weekend after my weekend but it’s seemed like Mondays and Tuesdays end up being busy too and then by Wednesday I am so DONE. (Okay, I’m really done before Wednesday, but I try to fake it for a little while).… Continue reading Celebrating the Wins