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Celebrating the Wins

The past few days have felt like marathons. Lately, I’ve felt like a need a weekend after my weekend but it’s seemed like Mondays and Tuesdays end up being busy too and then by Wednesday I am so DONE. (Okay, I’m really done before Wednesday, but I try to fake it for a little while).

The weekend really wasn’t that busy overall, it’s just the way things fell and my apparent lack of prep for the week that got me feeling like I just needed another day. Not even a day, just a few quiet hours to get my life together again. (That’s a daily thing for everyone, right?)

I think the problem is that I actually felt ahead of the game Saturday morning, since I cleaned and did a bunch of stuff before book club on Thursday so that a sitter (a cousin) could come watch the kids that I sort of forgot to keep staying ahead of the game…Also, my head keeps going to these weird and critical and overwhelming places and my headaches have been increasing (they were decreasing)…and now I’m just starting to ramble.

I need to celebrate some wins!

Okay, so I did get to go to book club last Thursday! WIN

I did get Natalie to her games on Saturday (yes, 2 games) WIN


I got to see my dad at Natalie’s game WIN

He bought us things from the food truck because I didn’t bring cash and because that’s what Papa’s (and daddy’s) do WIN

Natalie started off the second game by scoring and then they won in overtime WIN

We went to Sunday School and church on Sunday WIN

I led another cookie booth on Sunday WIN

I prepped a lasagna before church so we would have it for dinner that night after cookie booth WIN

It was delicious WIN

Jason got to go fishing and caught a huge fish WIN 

Jason and friend got his oil changed and new shocks on his truck WIN

I went to Girl Scout leader meeting and snagged the “leading songs” job for Camporee (which I can totally do) WIN

Got Natalie to basketball practice WIN

Went to work like I’m supposed to WIN

Got oil changed, belt changed on car WIN

Found out what code is being pulled when check engine light goes on WIN

Have money set aside to fix this car issue WIN

Turned in enough cookie money to bank as needed for initial draft WIN

Got Subway for dinner because that’s just what happened WIN

Alex found the joy of games he is good at on the tablet WIN 

Got a load of laundry in the washing machine WIN

Got half the dirty dishes from the sinks into the dishwasher so now there’s only one sink of dirty dishes and not two WIN

Made doctor’s appointment for Natalie for this afternoon because I think she has a sinus infection WIN

Put pork chops in crockpot so we don’t eat Subway again for dinner WIN

Found out there is another place I can take free classes (and get CEUs – I’ll tell you more later) WIN

Discovered the magic of audio books through phone app and picked a great book (tell you more about that later too) WIN

Picked up newest book club pick from library and started it while waiting on my car in shop WIN

I can buy coffee at work and they will deliver it to me WIN

I keep leaving hummus in the work fridge so I know I have something to eat at lunch that is healthy WIN

Discovered Bloglovin’ for real (heard of it before mainly didn’t understand how beautiful it is to have all the blogs at my fingertips) WIN

Got on the launch team for the book “When God Made You” by Matthew Paul Turner and got the book in the mail  WIN




Okay, feeling a little better now 🙂

I hope you’re celebrating some WINS today too!



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