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Social Media Self-Assessment Tools

Whether you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, social media is something pretty much everyone is affected by in one way or another. Even if you don’t use it yourself for personal reasons, it’s becoming inescapably  woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Social media can be fun, useful, and even necessary.  It can also be exhausting, frustrating, and a breeding ground for negativity. Just like most things, it is neither good or bad on it’s own. How we use it is what gives it meaning for our life.

We all want to use our time, energy, and resources well, so we need to identify what social media we will use and how we will use it. The more I’ve been digging in thinking about this, the more I decided I really wanted something to help me gain better clarity and direction in regards to how I use social media. I started writing out some self-assessment questions for myself and since I know other people could benefit from a tool like this, I decide to share it here.

Since everyone uses social media differently, I decided to break it down into 3 different versions that all build upon one another.

The Basic Version is 3 pages long. If you generally use social media for mainly personal reasons or only have a couple accounts this one is probably a good fit for you.

The Advanced Version is 5 pages long (the Basic Version + 2 pages). If you have multiple accounts that you use regularly for a variety of purposes this one is probably a good fit for you.

The Intensive Version is 9 pages long (The Advanced + 4 pages). If you use social media regularly to engage with others regarding “hot” topics, evangelism, advocacy, awareness, bridge building, or social justice this is an in-depth self-assessment to help you manage your time and energy wisely.

As I said, I’m working through these questions as well and will likely share some of my answers in another post. For now, I wanted to offer these tools as free printables to anyone who could use them! Just click the link of the one you want and it will take you to a pdf to print and fill out!




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