2016 · Growth · Health and Wellness · Write 31 days challenge

31 Days of Taking Care


I’ve been thinking a lot about taking care lately. Taking care of myself and taking care of the things entrusted to me. I’ve been thinking about how it’s all interconnected and I’ve been thinking about how easily everything can begin to unravel once a few things start to unravel.

My first decade or so of adulthood was a deep dive into everything all at once: marriage, career, home ownership, motherhood, financial crisis, and all the strains and obstacles that go with those things. I was a twenty-five year old with a life and stress level more equal to that of a thirty-five year old, but with none of the real life experience to guide me. I consider myself smart, accomplished, independent, and competent, but my ability to take care of myself and my life took a beating for a while.

I managed in survival mode for so long that it’s been hard to come back up for air, even as many things have settled and improved. Sometimes certain coping skills outlive their usefulness, yet we continue to employ them and sometimes we abandon the really healthy ones once we don’t feel we need them so desperately anymore.

I’ve tried to backtrack until I remember myself in a place where I was both well taken care of and also taking care of things well to help me envision what it looks like so that I can work towards being in that place again.

I’ve been rolling these ideas around in my head for a while but haven’t taken the time to really flesh them out and since I got an email about the 31 days writing challenge this month, I decided to use that as my topic. For the month of October, I’ll post daily on different aspects of taking care from mind-body-spirit to life-home-family and whatever else comes up. I’m ready to find that sweet spot again of feeling taken care of and knowing that I am also taking good care of the life I have.




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