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On Miracles

Maybe, sometimes
the miracle isn’t flawlessness
but redemption.

The humility
or hurt
that allows for
instead of seeking cover –
that allows
another to care or help or hope for someone
maybe even in the midst of their own

And maybe the miracle
isn’t being able
but being needy
and finding enough
in the palm of your hands
stretched out
“why me”?

And maybe the miracle
is peace
in hardship
and joy
in tragedy
and the light of divine grace
in the darkness of the mundane.

Maybe the miracle is some sacred beauty
or holy stillness
that manifests itself in rush hour traffic
or the waiting room
or some string of notes
a stranger’s skins against your own
a rundown gas station
something maybe the world tells you
is far from a sanctuary
and yet, in it you find an altar to rest your heart on
even if for just a moment.

Maybe the miracle is seeing miracles
just because you looked
and needed to believe
they do exist.

Maybe the miracle is still finding
something to give
when your own need is glaring
and your mind is foggy
and you just don’t know anything
except that you do still have this to give
so you do
just because you can.

Maybe the miracle is not that
everything goes as planned
but that I become willing
to hope
to believe
to keep moving
with some strange energy
that is not my own.

And maybe the miracle is

Maybe the miracle is then smiling
or feeling something
sort of wild and exciting.

Maybe the miracle is shedding skin
letting others in
and returning the favor.

Maybe the miracles are ours
to offer
as much as they are ours to seek.

Maybe the freedom of that –
the liberation from the norm –
from the “can’t” and “wont” and “never”
maybe the sheer movement that is being broken open,
determined and willing
to make this work
even at the sake of losing my self

and in the losing
discovering what I lost wasn’t my self
it was just my shell
because my self is what I found
in the losing and the shedding and the struggle

and maybe that
is the miracle.

All dec 2011 1048

previously posted here


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