Things I Really Need You To Know

There’s a difference in free and aimless;
with adventure comes consequence,
so measure this and take the risks
you deem worth it.

Not all who wander are lost, but there’s a difference in exploration and exploitation;
this is not a trial run,
don’t squander opportunities to make life mean.

All our existences intersect-
be conscientious,
don’t drunk drive your way through.

Question accepted “truths”.

Live purposefully,
live aware,
thinking for yourself
is not the same as ignoring everyone else.

There’s a difference between apathy and peace.

Be a scientist, an anthropologist, a linguist,
seek to understand.

seek to live expressively.
seek harmony.
seek joy.

Gather up things inside you to hold,
these are the only things you’ll ever really own-
guard them, feed them,
this is your wellspring, you’ll need this unremittingly.

Try to minimize pollution in your mind, in your soul,
let your open mind be your open road,
enlightenment can not be found any where
if it’s not already within your self.

You have inside you endless possibility and strength.
You have room for belief and love, you always have room.
And the safest place you’ll ever find is between the two.
Because no amount of any material thing can grant you safety or guarantee.

In your relationships, seek communion, reflection, laughter,
but never seek completion;
we are not designed to co-depend,
but to co-exist.

Expect and accept
anger, hurt, disappointment,
but let these things pass through
and keep in your self a hiding place
and room for grace.

It’s worth it to let go
and it’s worth it to hold on
and only you know how far you can go,
either way.

Take your time
and don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s version
of happy or satisfied.

Sometimes even your best decisions won’t go as you hoped,
but you only perceive a lonely road,
because there’s no place you can go where you are alone.

In our depths, we reach our heights,
don’t be afraid to ache or cry,
you are expanding your capacities;
your breadth and reach.

Don’t believe you should know, believe you should learn.
There are inevitable missteps, unavoidable mis-turns.

You will pick up, along the way, dozens of roles.
Learn enough to know why you indulge them,
and know it’s always a choice, you can always say no.

Speak your petitions,
and listen.

Freedom is living a life where your body, spirit, and mind are in tune and entwined

Love is more than they lead you to believe, and in some ways, less

Don’t accept general standards

Learn what you don’t want in your life and develop a filter-
never a wall;
then stand,
open arms, heart, hands, and take the rest,
it is yours to take (and share).

Everything you allow yourself is yours (this is the same for those around you)

Don’t limit your self,
and I’ll try not to.

All your life
people will tell you
what they think you should be

What I want for you most
is just to be free.



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