Life Is What You Think It Is

Your life is what you think of it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is what you think it will be — at least not right off the bat.

Whether I think my life is going wonderfully or horribly becomes it’s own self fulfilling prophecy. I can choose a perspective and that perspective will greatly affect how I feel and act in regards to my own life.

My perspective doesn’t immediately change the circumstances of my life, but my perspective will affect my actions and my actions could change some of the circumstances of my life.

The key words being could and some.

Regardless of my circumstances though, my life can be full of joy, hope, friendship, love, community, faith, passion, etc – if I work to cultivate a perspective that allows me to see it as so (and live it as so).

Too many greatly underestimate the importance of having a healthy internal life – mind and spirit. It’s easy to focus on the external, but without a well-working internal, nothing will really ever get very far. Yet, with a healthy internal life – the external can become trivial. 

My perspective has the power to be greater than my circumstances.

My life is what I think it is. 



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