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Freedom series – poetry

I’m cross posting this poem from my poetry blog here today, hoping to kickstart into posting again. I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom lately (appropriate considering our recent Independence Day holiday) and looking to write a “freedom” series here on the blog.

For now, a poem.

Sometimes, people are hard to love. We are called to love and I believe we live more fully when we love, but it’s not without some risk. I’ve gone back and forth on this in multiple scenarios and after much struggle and prayer, always come back to this – love them anyways.

september 2012 18 - Copy


It’s A Free Country

I’m free to love you
the way I want to
and you are free
to do whatever you will do –

the risk of a life poorly lived is not worth the safety of faking it.

I spend so much time waiting for permission,
waiting for a green light,
waiting to know I will receive back what I pour out,
but I see now

I am free to pour it anyway.

I’m free to need nothing back,
I’m free to want it all the same,
and free to hurt a little
in the struggle
that I’m free to have
if something I wanted so bad
isn’t what I end up with.

I’m free to let my dreams rest gently in my open hands
holding nothing too tightly
except for a divine hope wound and woven with peace and promise
across my softness
the only protection I need –
to know
that I am loved enough
without you.

And so
I’m free to count it all joy.

And should the time come
that any of it hurts too much,
I’m free to trust that grace is redeeming
even the deepest grief
and I’m free to believe that there’s nothing
that can’t be made beautiful
in the right light,
with the right eyes.

This is uncharted country,
wide and free
letting love spill out reckless like we
don’t know I have pride to injure too
(even though we know I do)

But I’m free

to be vulnerable,
to tell you the truth
and to keep on loving you
however I do.



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